About Us

We are Dianne and Ray Davies, just two ordinary people whose main interest in life is each other, our dogs and the rescue of racing greyhounds.  We are trustees and committee members of a greyhound rescue charity and are certainly not "health professionals".

We are now both Type 2 Diabetics which we have managed to control by totally ignoring the standard medical advice.  In fact, we have chosen a path that is the exact opposite of that recommended by doctors.  We feel betrayed and nurse a great anger at the dangerous and arrogant medical cabal that is leading us all into a world of obesity and diabetes.

Having now experienced, at first hand, the effects of the flawed medical system and the erroneous beliefs upon which it is founded, we felt compelled to speak out.

We felt it was our duty. to add our voices to those of the brave souls within the medical world who have uncovered the prevailing smokescreen of lies and misdirection that leads to the promotion of toxic drugs and diets that are the curse of our society.

Few people seem aware of the chicanery designed to allow the food and drug giants to carry on making ludicrous profits whilst slowly debilitating and killing people every day.

As an example, patients are following dangerous diets and taking unnecessary medications because their doctors told them to.  The doctors told them to because they were told to!

Why were they told to?  Because their governing bodies were advised to by other bodies with vested interests.   In turn, this advice is based on "scientific research" funded, directly or indirectly, by the food and drug companies.  As the saying goes, "You couldn't Make it up".

We hope to give you the information you need to arm yourself against the onslaught of media nonsense that emanates from those with the most financial gains.

The frustration we feel is the reason for this website and the book that will shortly be published entitled "Lies, Damn Lies & Diabetes".

We hope you find it helpful.

Legal Notice.
We do not, nor are we qualified, to give medical advice.  That can only be give by your own doctor.