Why Don’t Doctors Tell You About Dietary Control of Diabetes?

Media Ignorance About Fat and Carbs

Every day there's a new news item about Type 2 Diabetes.  There's usually a cri de coeur about how much it's costing the poor old NHS.  According to the latest figures it's around £10.3 Billion a year.

The plain fact is - it needn't cost anything like that!

Until doctors, dietitians, journalists (and anyone else involved in the diet and obesity business) start to take note of some basic facts about our diet, it will get worse.

Why can't supposedly well qualified professionals get it through their skulls that carbohydrates exacerbate the situation. 

Lowering carb intake will, in nearly every case, lower blood sugar.

Unfortunately, far too many people are so trusting of the aforementioned that there's little hope of changing things.   They are assured that a few pills will control it so long as they consume carbs with every meal.  This is a lie!

Everywhere you look there's cakes, soft drinks and the rest of it.  You can hardly ever look at a TV or newspaper without there being some mention of The Great British Bake-Off .

If I hear "Eat Less Move More" one more time I think I'll go into meltdown!

You can stop Type 2 Diabetes dead in it's tracks by eating a High Fat/Low Carb Diet.  Yes, exercise is good but running around like a maniac but still carrying on eating bread cake, pasta, rice is ludicrous.  The human body does not need carbs in the diet; it can happily live on fat.  The small amount of sugar needed by the brain will be adequately supplied by the liver.

I do wish the various branches of the medical profession would get  this simple message into their heads.

Wouldn't it be nice if the NHS stopped asking for more money but spent what it has wisely


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