Essential Reading

These are the books about diet, weight control, diabetes and cholesterol that gave me the confidence to change my life and dramatically improve my health.

By now you will have noticed I have scant regard for the guidelines which supposedly will bring us better weight control and health.  Millions of people are desperately seeking solutions to their health problems such as the right way to deal with diabetes and obesity.  Frankly, the mainstream media is more interested in a dramatic headline than dispensing accurate and helpful information.

Every day there's a news headline extolling the virtues of one thing whilst telling us we'll die if we eat or do something else.  All too often this results from distorted research data used to generate a scare story to sell papers or sell more of a product.

Here's an example:  Say some research was carried out whereby 1,000,000 people ate a particular food, we'll call it food X.  Imagine another 1,000,000 avoided that food item.

If it was found three died in the first group that ate the food X but two died in the other group.  Anyone with half a brain could see that the difference in risk was of no real consequence.

The problem is that 3 people in a million is obviously 50% more than 2 in a million. So the headline the media would trumpet would be something like:


We would see the usual crew of "TV doctors and experts" rolled out to give us all a lecture on the virtues of a healthy balanced diet when really there's nothing to report on.

This all comes down to Relative risk versus absolute risk. 

Put simply, 2 in a million versus 3 in a million is a illustration of absolute risk.  The headline grabbing 50% risk is known as relative risk.

You'd be amazed how many drugs are marketed and perfectly healthy foods vilified by using such distorted data.

Correlation Versus Causation.

Believe it or not there is a known correlation between ice cream consumption and shark attacks in that as the temperature goes up both activities increase.  But just because ice cream sales go up it doesn't mean ice cream consumption causes  more shark attacks or vice versa.

Obviously sharks don't home in at the sound of an ice cream van and neither do shark attack victims haul their damaged bodies up to the queue for ice cream!

As bizarre as it may seem, this is just the same nonsense that's used by so many "researchers" and journalists to attempt to prove that red meat causes so many diseases.

Seek Out the Truth

The books I have read on these and other health matters are below.  You owe it to yourself to read at least one of them and, like me, you may find them addictive.


The Great Cholesterol Con

If you really want the truth about the way the world was hoodwinked into believing that cholesterol was a problem. This easy to read book tells the whole appalling story of the skullduggery and lies that have lead to the present obesity and diabetes crisis.

Amazingly it's written by a doctor practicing in the UK.

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Doctoring Data

Reading like an exciting detective novel, this is quite the most stunning unmasking of the big names behind so much of the nonsense masquerading as facts. You will swiftly learn what to believe and what is complete garbage.

You'll be amazed at the simplicity of the tricks used to falsify the results of medical research.

He reveals the tricks that are played to make minute risks look enormous. How the drug trials are hyped and the data manipulated.

Every health professional should read this book.

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The Big Fat Surprise

Nina Teicholz spent 8 years researching and writing this book and it shows in the meticulous attention to detail. In spite of this it's not a difficult book to read.

Although similar to the two previous recommendations it brings to light even more of the appalling state of journalism and medical advice from those who should know better.

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This Is The Book That Started Me On My Quest For The Truth

The late Barry Groves undoubtedly extended his life by following his own advice. His legacy is a treasure trove of knowledge of the way food is killing us. This is a very important book that is a worthwhile addition to your library.