Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

For years and years, since the "type 2 diabetes epidemic" began, obesity has been blamed for the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Sadly, the sufferer (yes, that guy who is living in fear of going blind or suffering kidney failure or losing a leg) has been blamed for becoming obese because they were greedy and ate too much. Therefore the zeitgeist has been - and still is - that greedy people with no impulse control get fat and bring Type 2 diabetes upon themselves.

It's just tragic that this attitude has given carte blanche to those smug individuals (who are often lucky enough to be naturally slim) to pillory the chubby: not only do the obese have to put up with bullying remarks and discrimination out on the street, online or in every walk of life, but the medical profession has supported this negative view of obese people.

It's common to mock the very idea that it may be their "glands" causing it ("yeah - the salivary glands" the joke goes, in case you didn't know).

The common exhortation of those smug , but ignorant, individuals is "Eat less, move more". This is unhelpful and untrue. Exercise has little to do with weight loss and generally runners are able to run because they're slim - running didn't make them slim.

In fact this is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse (leave your carthorse jokes at the door here please!) and taking the simplistic linear view. The sufferer was hungry a lot, right? So he ate a lot of takeout, right? He got fat - his own fault, right? Then along came Type 2.

Yes, in fact obesity and Type 2 do often go hand in hand - but obesity is a SYMPTOM of the same metabolic syndrome which eventually causes diabetes. People who are genetically prone to metabolic issues like this ARE more hungry than those who are not. It's not that they just lack willpower. They are insulin resistant. This means they produce insulin in response to eating carbohydrates but their cells do not respond properly to the insulin, causing the pancreas to pour out more and more of the stuff. And insulin has another, sinister function. Not only does it facilitate the usage of glucose in the blood for energy, but it also stores excess energy as BODY FAT.

Insulin, which is at the heart of Type 2 Diabetes, is the fat-storage hormone.

It's a complicated issue: obesity and Type 2 diabetes are usually linked. But please, stop believing and propogating the lie that contracting this life (and quality of life) threatening condition is all the fault of the sufferer. It's just not their fault if if they dutifully follow the current incorrect advice about healthy eating.